Elect Todd Oppenheim, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge

The Status Quo

There are approximately 30 judges in Baltimore City Circuit Court. Together, they hear all misdemeanor jury trials, felonies, and large civil cases in the city. They also consider juvenile matters and family law cases. With so much power in the hands of these judges, they should be accountable to voters. But once a judge is in office, it’s hard to get them out.

Judges are elected to 15-year terms, so it’s not often they have to think about voters. And most judges aren’t even elected to their first stint on the bench. Whenever there is an opening on the court (usually due to a retirement) the governor can appoint a judicial candidate to serve until the next general election. This means that a judge can run as an incumbent before ever being elected!

Rarely do Circuit Court judges face a challenger like me—or any challenger at all. To keep their seats, judges pool their resources, campaign together, and run as one unit. With a process like this we will never get the systemic change we need in Baltimore.

I wasn’t hand-picked by the governor, and unlike sitting judges, I don’t have an interest in maintaining the status quo. In fact, I’m well known in the community for speaking out against the establishment. (Publications)

I’m running to bring equal justice to Baltimore City’s Circuit Court. If you agree that we need to shake up the status quo in Baltimore, get out the word and vote Todd Oppenheim for Baltimore City Circuit Court.

Helpful sites

msa.maryland.gov www.elections.state.md.us/candidacy www.elections.state.md.us www.elections.state.md. www.courts.state. www.courts.state.md.us ww.courts.state.md.us/judgeselect