Elect Todd Oppenheim, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge

Baltimore's justice system is broken.

Freddie Gray. Tyrone West. Anthony Anderson. Their stories are high-profile examples of the prejudice and discrimination that are deeply rooted in Baltimore’s legal system.

As a defense attorney, I see systemic injustice in our courts every day. Our criminal justice system is supposed to treat everyone equally under the law, but in Baltimore, the reality is quite different. Whether it’s excusing police misconduct, setting excessive bails, or imposing unfair sentences, the Courts don’t treat people equally. Blacks, whites, rich, and poor are judged by different standards. And that’s not justice.

Fact: Judges have the power to end systemic injustice.

So why don’t they? That’s a good question. In eleven years as a public defender in Baltimore, I’ve seen no changes from behind the bench. Our judges are too comfortable with the status quo. Change is not in their best interest. That’s why I’m running for judge. If elected, I pledge to push the envelope and promote real, meaningful change in our court system. Click the links below to find out how I’ll bring Equal Justice to Baltimore.

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